Being an artist to me means living, and I'm impelled to work. I need to work and if I don't I feel at odds with myself and the world. When I do work, sometimes things come out in a rather magical way. Being an artist means having had that experience of being at one with everything and feeling at one with yourself. That beautiful feeling is something I try to capture, but of course if you want to capture it you don't. It's a gift, I think, that comes to you.

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Elaine will take part in a show with two other artists,
Lionel Cormier and Charlaine Gauthier, at the Tait House,
in Shediac, New Brunswick, scheduled for the months of July,
August, and September, 2016. The opening (vernissage)
will take place Thursday, June 30, from 5 to 7pm,
followed by a meal served by the Tait House for $20.
Please call Elaine at 506-382-3015, to reserve for the meal.

Elaine will also take part in two group shows in August,
both at the Église historique de Barachois.

Elaine's paintings can be purchased from the artist using Paypal
or personal cheque, as can her book, The Seven Gates:
A Memoir of a Descent. Contact the artist at elaineamyot32@gmail.com
The book is also available on-line at www.lulu.com

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